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For expert Boston basement and Boston foundation waterproofing solutions in the Boston Massachusetts area, call the expert contractors at Premier Basement Waterproofing. From foundation work to crawl space encapsulation, we’re the premier solution for keeping your home dry, durable, and odor-free.

From our initial consultation to our job completion walk-through with an owner, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a free lifetime transferable warranty on all basement waterproofing services. With over 20 years of drainage, waterproofing, and crawlspace encapsulation experience in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we have designed a state-of-the-art system which separates us from corporate and franchised production.

What’s Going on Under Your Boston Home ?

Circular foundation and crawl space. Tough to install a Vapor Barrier with drainage. GAME OVER for water. You Get What You Pay For!

Moisture & Your Boston Basement

People who have been in a moldy, musty Boston basement knows that almost anything stored there becomes targeted for destruction. Mildewed clothes and papers damaged walls, black mold causing health problems — moisture is destructive. Premier Basement Waterproofing can evaluate if your Boston home’s waterproofing is failing, or if there is excessive outside water damage under or against your home’s foundation. Without Boston basement waterproofing, the smallest leaks can lead to expensive problems, including structural and foundation failure.

Moisture in Your Boston Crawl Spaces

Boston Crawl space moisture issues can be caused by many things, including water damage flooding coming in from outside of your homes crawl space, leaking pipes, humidity issues. Premier Basement Waterproofing has the expertise to find out where waterproofing damages are coming from and give you the best set of waterproofing repair solutions to help you resolve the issue. Surprisingly, moisture below your house can make its way into your flooring system and cause mold, wood rot, or other structural issues underneath your home.


A Boston wet yard is more dangerous than many people may even think. The hydraulic pressure of a home’s yard that is wet pushes water everywhere, including water under your house. Yes, it is similar to having a Boston home in a swamp, and these homes can shift. In some extreme cases, sink huge holes can develop.  Premier Basement Waterproofing will evaluate your Boston yard drainage issue and provide the best solution to direct the water away from your yard and home.


Professionals In Solving Basement Moisture, Mold & Humidity Issues in Boston MA

Water and moisture in your Boston home’s basement can potentially cause huge damages to your house. It can lead to unhealthy disgusting mold and mildew issues, musty odors, and even cracking and structural damages. Without Boston basement waterproofing solutions, the smallest leaks can lead to expensive repairs. Premier Basement Waterproofing is here to provide expert advice and to effectively prevent and repair the moisture in your basement. Our Premier Boston waterproofing services, drainage, and sump pump systems, mold remediation techniques, and crack repairs will help you prevent the common symptoms of a damaged foundation such as the damp, wet and flooded basement.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout Extensions

Adding extensions to your downspouts or your perimeter yard drains ensures that water is being directed a safe distance away from your home. These extensions are attached securely to the downspout or yard drain and buried below ground level for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Boston French Drain Systems

Boston French Drain Systems

French Drains are also referred to as pipe and store rain. Slotted pipes are buried in a channel filled with stone to collect excess water and channel the water away from your home. The water is either ejected to a lower level – such as a ditch, well, or stree or pumped out to the desired location.

Foundation Issues & Your Boston Home

Boston Water Damage to your home’s foundation is a result of poor construction, drainage or plumbing issues, and other natural causes such as shrinking or swelling soils, These issues often lead to foundation settlement, which is when your dirt weakens and can no longer support the weight of a Boston house or building.

Foundation issues affect your home’s appearance and safety and also decrease the value of your home. Most foundation failure begins with a small issue that seems like an easy DIY repair such as cracked brick or stone, cracks in drywall or sticking windows and doors. You may also notice your floors are sloping toward one side of the house or your chimney leaning. If any of these issues are present at your home, you likely have a foundation problem.


Fix humidity issues, moisture, mold, and your crawl space.

Water and moisture under your home can cause great damages such as mold and mildew issues, musty odors, damaged insulation, wood rot, and can create foundation problems. Premier Basement Waterproofing services are designed to repair and prevent common symptoms of a foundation with water damage. We are here to provide expert advice and to ensure efficient crawl space repairs, including drainage & sump pump systems, mold remediation & removal, and outdoor drainage solutions.


Foundation Repair Boston Massachusetts & Surrounding Areas

Premier Basement Waterproofing offers foundation repair services for all types of foundation issues across Boston MA and the surrounding areas. Boston Foundation problems have become a big concern today for homeowners in MA, and to those who want to buy a house. This is why we offer free consultations where our experts will inspect your home or building and offer the most effective solution to stabilize your foundation. Because we know how important it is to protect your home and your investment, our Foundation Repair Division utilizes the latest technology to provide the most effective and permanent solutions.

Foundation Repair Boston Massachusetts & Surrounding Areas

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