Comprehensive Solutions for Crawl Space Waterproofing & Encapsulation

For expert crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation solutions in the Amherst area, call the specialists at Premier Basement Waterproofing. Over the years, Premier Basement Waterproofing has developed an impressive track record of providing reliable and affordable service that puts the needs of the clients first.

The experts at Premier Basement Waterproofing possess over two decades of experience when it comes to crawling space drainage, waterproofing, encapsulation, and dehumidification. These are important steps in maintaining a basement or crawl space and ensuring that everyone in the home remains healthy.

Because Premier Basement Waterproofing is independently owned, we combine the friendliest service with the latest expertise to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their service.

Why is it important to keep the water out?

We all know basement water is a nuisance, but did you know that the real damage is going on behind the scenes? Learn more about why wet basement repair is necessary.


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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidification Services in Brookline, MA

While many people enjoy using their basement or crawl space, they are also prone to damage due to their proximity to the ground. Some basements or crawl spaces are even built underground. These factors make basements and crawl spaces prone to flooding, developing mold, or producing unsafe air.

Since a significant amount of air circulating on the first floor of a home comes from the basement or crawl space, it is essential that everyone takes steps to ensure their crawl space or basement is well cared for. If the crawl space develops moisture, unsafe air can travel into the house and cause health problems for the inhabitants.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

crawl space encapsulation system helps seal a crawl space. This seal prevents any hazardous air in the crawl space from floating up into the rest of the house. This adds protection between the living floor and the ground or basement area. This also has the added benefit of lowering utility bills!

Crawl Space Dehumidification

When the crawl space is sealed, the moisture will be unable to escape the crawl space. This is where a crawl space dehumidification system comes in handy. If the moisture in the crawl space isn’t controlled, this will make the air in the crawl space musty and can cause mold to develop. You can then control the moisture with a dehumidification system.

Crawl Space Flooding Repair

Sometimes, disaster can strike, and flooding can develop. Because the crawl space is at ground level or below, it is prone to flooding. Be proactive and prevent this problem from growing with a drainage system. This drainage system will provide an important part of removing water from the crawl space.

Reviews & Testimonials from Customers in the Cambridge Area

We had a really tough project on the house with the large crawl space which needed cleaning/insulating/waterproofing etc. Michael went out to the site and provided me with a detailed plan. Cory and his team (3-4 guys) showed up on time and did a great job. They found some additional issues with supports for the home, and addressed as much as they could while staying within the same timelines provided for completing the project. It cost us additional money but it was very reasonable. Great customer service throughout the process. would do business with this company again!Yana L. in Gilmanton, NH

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Lally-Column-Replacement 02456, Lally-Column-Replacement 02458, Lally-Column-Replacement 02459, Lally-Column-Replacement 02460, Lally-Column-Replacement 02461, Lally-Column-Replacement 02462, Lally-Column-Replacement 02464, Lally-Column-Replacement 02465, Lally-Column-Replacement 02466, Lally-Column-Replacement 02467, Lally-Column-Replacement 02468, Lally-Column-Replacement 02495

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Lally-Column-Replacement Lynn
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Lally-Column-Replacement Framingham
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Lally-Column-Replacement Waltham
Lally-Column-Replacement 02451, Lally-Column-Replacement 02452, Lally-Column-Replacement 02453, Lally-Column-Replacement 02454, Lally-Column-Replacement 02455

Lally-Column-Replacement Haverhill
Lally-Column-Replacement 01830, Lally-Column-Replacement 01831, Lally-Column-Replacement 01832, Lally-Column-Replacement 01835, Lally-Column-Replacement 01860, Lally-Column-Replacement 01985

Lally-Column-Replacement Lowell
Lally-Column-Replacement 01850, Lally-Column-Replacement 01852, Lally-Column-Replacement 01853, Lally-Column-Replacement 01854

Lally-Column-Replacement Quincy
Lally-Column-Replacement 02122, Lally-Column-Replacement 02169, Lally-Column-Replacement 02170, Lally-Column-Replacement 02171, Lally-Column-Replacement 02184, Lally-Column-Replacement 02186, Lally-Column-Replacement 02191, Lally-Column-Replacement 02269, Lally-Column-Replacement 02368

Lally-Column-Replacement Andover
Lally-Column-Replacement 01810, Lally-Column-Replacement 01812, Lally-Column-Replacement 01899, Lally-Column-Replacement 05501, Lally-Column-Replacement 05544

Lally-Column-Replacement Dorchester
Lally-Column-Replacement 02121, Lally-Column-Replacement 02122, Lally-Column-Replacement 02124, and Lally-Column-Replacement 02125.

Lally-Column-Replacement Woburn
Lally-Column-Replacement 01801, Lally-Column-Replacement 01813, Lally-Column-Replacement 01815, Lally-Column-Replacement 01867, Lally-Column-Replacement 01888, Lally-Column-Replacement 01890

Lally-Column-Replacement Brookline
Lally-Column-Replacement 02445, Lally-Column-Replacement 02446, Lally-Column-Replacement 02447, Lally-Column-Replacement 02467

Lally-Column-Replacement Lawrence
Lally-Column-Replacement 01840, Lally-Column-Replacement 01841, Lally-Column-Replacement 01842, Lally-Column-Replacement 01843

Lally-Column-Replacement Watertown
Lally-Column-Replacement 02135, Lally-Column-Replacement 02471, Lally-Column-Replacement 02472, Lally-Column-Replacement Action, Lally-Column-Replacement 01718, Lally-Column-Replacement 01720, Lally-Column-Replacement 02155, Lally-Column-Replacement Medford Lally-Column-Replacement 02156

Lally-Column-Replacement Wellesley
Lally-Column-Replacement 02457, Lally-Column-Replacement 02481, Lally-Column-Replacement 02482

Lally-Column-Replacement Somerville
Lally-Column-Replacement 02129, Lally-Column-Replacement 02141, Lally-Column-Replacement 02143, Lally-Column-Replacement 02144, Lally-Column-Replacement 02145

Lally-Column-Replacement Arlington
Lally-Column-Replacement 02474, Lally-Column-Replacement 02475, Lally-Column-Replacement 02476, Lally-Column-Replacement 02477, Lally-Column-Replacement 02030, Lally-Column-Replacement Dover

Lally-Column-Replacement Groton
Lally-Column-Replacement 01450, Lally-Column-Replacement 01464, Lally-Column-Replacement 01470, Lally-Column-Replacement 01471, Lally-Column-Replacement 01472

Lally-Column-Replacement Billerica
Lally-Column-Replacement 01821Lally-Column-Replacement 01822, Lally-Column-Replacement 01862, Lally-Column-Replacement 01865, Lally-Column-Replacement 01866

Lally-Column-Replacement Braintree
Lally-Column-Replacement 02169, Lally-Column-Replacement 02184, Lally-Column-Replacement 02185, Lally-Column-Replacement 02368

Lally-Column-Replacement Lexington
Lally-Column-Replacement 01731, Lally-Column-Replacement 02420, Lally-Column-Replacement 02421, Lally-Column-Replacement 02451, Lally-Column-Replacement 01730, Lally-Column-Replacement Bedford, Lally-Column-Replacement 01731, Lally-Column-Replacement 01469, Lally-Column-Replacement Townsend, Lally-Column-Replacement 01474, Lally-Column-Replacement 01864, Lally-Column-Replacement North Reading, Lally-Column-Replacement 01889

Lally-Column-Replacement Needham
Lally-Column-Replacement 02459, Lally-Column-Replacement 02464, Lally-Column-Replacement 02492, Lally-Column-Replacement 02494

Lally-Column-Replacement Dedham
Lally-Column-Replacement 02026, Lally-Column-Replacement 02027, Lally-Column-Replacement 02090, Lally-Column-Replacement 01930, Gloucester, Lally-Column-Replacement 01931

Lally-Column-Replacement Salem
Lally-Column-Replacement 01915, Lally-Column-Replacement 01944, Lally-Column-Replacement 01970, Lally-Column-Replacement 01971, Lally-Column-Replacement Belmont, 02452, Lally-Column-Replacement 02478, Lally-Column-Replacement 02479, Lally-Column-Replacement 01960, Lally-Column-Replacement Peabody, Lally-Column-Replacement 01961

Lally-Column-Replacement Burlington
Lally-Column-Replacement 01803, Lally-Column-Replacement 01805, Lally-Column-Replacement 02420, Lally-Column-Replacement 01749, Lally-Column-Replacement Hudson, 01775, Lally-Column-Replacement 01966, Lally-Column-Replacement Rockport, Lally-Column-Replacement 01867, Lally-Column-Replacement Wilmington, Lally-Column-Replacement 01887

Lally-Column-Replacement Lincoln
Lally-Column-Replacement 01731, Lally-Column-Replacement 01773, Lally-Column-Replacement 02451, Lally-Column-Replacement 01860, Lally-Column-Replacement Me Merrimac, Lally-Column-Replacement 01923, Lally-Column-Replacement Hathorne, Lally-Column-Replacement 02481, Lally-Column-Replacement Wellesley Hills, Lally-Column-Replacement 01850, Lally-Column-Replacement Dracut,Lally-Column-Replacement 02053, Me way, Lally-Column-Replacement 02062, Lally-Column-Replacement Norwood, Lally-Column-Replacement 02134, Lally-Column-Replacement Allston, Lally-Column-Replacement 02322, Lally-Column-Replacement Avon, Lally-Column-Replacement 02459, Lally-Column-Replacement Chestnut Hill, Lally-Column-Replacement 02467

Lally-Column-Replacement Chelmsford
Lally-Column-Replacement 01824, Lally-Column-Replacement 01851, Lally-Column-Replacement 01862, Lally-Column-Replacement 01863

Lally-Column-Replacement Hamilton
Lally-Column-Replacement 01936, Lally-Column-Replacement 01938, Lally-Column-Replacement 01982, Lally-Column-Replacement 01984, Lally-Column-Replacement 02152, Lally-Column-Replacement Winthrop, Lally-Column-Replacement 01748, Lally-Column-Replacement Woodville, Lally-Column-Replacement 01784, Lally-Column-Replacement 01741, Lally-Column-Replacement Carlisle

Lally-Column-Replacement Natick
Lally-Column-Replacement 01760, Lally-Column-Replacement 01778, Lally-Column-Replacement 02482

Lally-Column-Replacement Weymouth
Lally-Column-Replacement 02043, Lally-Column-Replacement 02188, Lally-Column-Replacement 02189, Lally-Column-Replacement 02190, Lally-Column-Replacement 02191, Lally-Column-Replacement 01450, Lally-Column-Replacement Groton, Lally-Column-Replacement 01821, Lally-Column-Replacement Nutting Lake, Lally-Column-Replacement 01775, Lally-Column-Replacement Stow, Lally-Column-Replacement 02148, Lally-Column-Replacement 02176, Lally-Column-Replacement Me lrose, Lally-Column-Replacement 02180, Lally-Column-Replacement 01852, Lally-Column-Replacement 01862, Lally-Column-Replacement Tewksbury, Lally-Column-Replacement 01876, Lally-Column-Replacement 02035, Lally-Column-Replacement Foxboro,

Lally-Column-Replacement Milton
Lally-Column-Replacement 02126, Lally-Column-Replacement 02136, Lally-Column-Replacement 02186, Lally-Column-Replacement 02187, Lally-Column-Replacement 02464, Lally-Column-Replacement Upper Falls, Lally-Column-Replacement 01984, Lally-Column-Replacement Wenham, Lally-Column-Replacement 02131, Lally-Column-Replacement Roslindale, Lally-Column-Replacement 01949, Lally-Column-Replacement Middleton, Lally-Column-Replacement 01721, Lally-Column-Replacement Ashland, 01748, Lally-Column-Replacement Hopkinton, Lally-Column-Replacement 01784, 01982, Topsfield, Lally-Column-Replacement 01983, Lally-Column-Replacement 01969, Lally-Column-Replacement Rowley, Lally-Column-Replacement 01776, Lally-Column-Replacement Sudbury, Lally-Column-Replacement 01778, Lally-Column-Replacement 01754, Lally-Column-Replacement Maynard, Lally-Column-Replacement 01702, Sherborn, Lally-Column-Replacement 01770, Lally-Column-Replacement 02119, Lally-Column-Replacement West Roxbury, Lally-Column-Replacement 01719, Lally-Column-Replacement Boxborough, Lally-Column-Replacement 01908, Lally-Column-Replacement Nahant, Lally-Column-Replacement 01730, Lally-Column-Replacement 01731, Lally-Column-Replacement Hanscom AFB, Lally-Column-Replacement 02021, Lally-Column-Replacement 02062, Lally-Column-Replacement 02703, Lally-Column-Replacement Attleboro,

Lally-Column-Replacement Boxford
Lally-Column-Replacement 01835, Lally-Column-Replacement 01885, Lally-Column-Replacement 01921, Lally-Column-Replacement 01983, Lally-Column-Replacement 01940, Lally-Column-Replacement Lynnfield,

Lally-Column-Replacement Walpole
Lally-Column-Replacement 02032, Lally-Column-Replacement 02071, Lally-Column-Replacement 02081


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