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Every year real estate properties and homes in Massachusetts fall victim to water damage problems, foundation issues, water leaks in basements and crawl space moisture damages. These serious foundation problems always start small, and by the time most homeowners identify them more costly property damage has already taken place.

Please understand if you delay your foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs, be aware it increases your repair costs. Also, this can compromise the structural integrity of your house which leads to even more expense, depreciation of your real estate, and greater inconvenience. At Premier Basement Waterproofing we understand every property is different in the aspect of foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawlspace repair. That’s why we offer customized repair solutions that are 100% guaranteed. This along with affordable, reasonable and more-than-fair pricing, assures you the best repair at the least possible cost.

We’re a veteran-owned and operated family business built on integrity, honesty, and trust. Take advantage of over 20 years of experience and know-how from a local Massachusetts foundation repair and basement waterproofing company Boston homeowners trust.


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1) Ensures water stays out of your basement
2) Prevents formation of mold and mildew
3) Prevents hazardous health conditions
4) Ensures a safer and healthier structure

Wet Basement Repairs Boston

PREMIER BASEMENT Waterproofing is a Boston MA, full-service local waterproofing contractor and concrete crack repair specialist offering industrial, commercial, and residential, basement solutions near you.

Experienced Waterproofers Boston

PREMIER BASEMENT Waterproofing in Boston has been providing the best waterproofing services in Boston, Crawl Space Encapsulation services, and restoration services dehumidifier services as well as structural Repairs, and Sump Pump Repair & installation services to satisfied clients many years. Our prices are competitive.

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Welcome to Drycrete Waterproofing Contractors Boston MA

PREMIER BASEMENT Waterproofing is the best waterproofing contractor serving Boston MA Cambridge MA, Newton MA Westford MA, Wakefield MA, Natick MA, Milton MA, Hingham MA, and the nearby areas. We are proud to be locally owned waterproofing company in Boston with expert basement waterproofing and foundation crack repair services. We complete all of the work in house, and we never hire subcontractors so you can be assured of a job well done.

Professional Wet Basement Repair Contractors Boston MA

When it comes to your Boston wet basement repairs, you can count on the experts of Premier Basement Waterproofing to provide you with the best possible solutions for your Boston home or commercial properties. We specialize in waterproofing basements near you in Boston of all shapes and sizes to make sure that they are protected against the excessive dangers of water damage in Boston. We are a full-service Boston waterproofing contractor specialist offering state of the art residential services, and handle commercial, and industrial properties for Lally Column Replacement, Slab Repair, Sump Pump Installation, Basement Dehumidifier, Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Encapsulation, Crawl Space Repair, and More !

Experienced Waterproofing Contractors Boston MA

Our Boston Waterproofing contractors can give you the dry basement you need using industry-leading waterproofing expertise and cutting edge drainage systems such as french drains. For years, we have been the preferred contractor providing concrete reparation and restoration services. Turn to us for competitive prices on all of our basement and concrete repair work.

WE Offer Sump Pump Services Near You

Boston Sump Pump Systems are the center of an internal drainage system. Your Boston basement water control systems rely heavily on the sump pump systems to ensure it keep lasting. For reliable, permanent protection only the best will do in your home.

Benefits of a Sump Pump System Near You

1) 1/2-hp cast iron sump pump can handle up to 3,350 GPH of water
2) Perforated pit liner with airtight bolt-down lid is strong enough to stand on
3) Complete with vibration-absorbing fittings to ensure smooth, quiet operation
4) High water alarm, complete with battery-powered backup, sounds when the water level rises too high


When your basement includes a water or humidity issue, it puts the remainder of your home at risk. Aside from the apparent concern of damage to your property, water damage may also cause issues. When water enters the Basement, it opens the door for the increase of mold and mildew, which will influence the air quality and security of your home. What’s more, in severe instances, water damage may even cause issues with the home’s structural integrity. If you are a homeowner who has a basement, then a “flood” can be a very scary word. Flooding can cause critical harm to the mechanical methods stored there even if the basement isn’t finished. This may be even worse when the basement is completed because of how many people utilize their lower level as a living room or a recreational area. By way of example, we’ll see people using the Basement for items such as pool tables, home theater systems, and so on. Water damage is ! If you would like to prevent this from happening to you, there is a basement waterproofing system that is suitable indispensable.


These systems will break down with time and are flimsy Though homes are waterproofed through structure. Water can enter your home through different avenues, many times without the homeowner even discovering. While completing these tasks, we see water entering basements through cracks in the walls or through the ground joint where the walls and floor meet. As a result of this, appropriate basement waterproofing design should include a system to solve all of these groundwater entry points. When we’re out on the job, we see folks attempting DIY fixes such as painting the basement walls to prevent water from penetrating cracks. Painting the walls will effectively work as a band-aid, although this may appear to solve your issue temporarily. The problem still exists, and it could only get worse over time.

At Premier Waterproofing, we understand the sources of water & how to shut them off in your Basement. We use our years of experience and proven products to give you a basement that is dry, clean, and safe. Since we’re confident that we will do the job right the FIRST time, all our basement techniques include a lifetime guarantee! If you are ready to choose the following steps, then contact us to schedule your free in-home review today !

Handling WATER IN YOUR BASEMENT: We Provide Actual Dry Waterproofing Solutions

When your basement shows any signs of water infiltration, it is always best to deal with the problem as early in the process as you can. Any delay in executing a solution can result in big trouble — for instance, what may initially have been only small standing water in 1 corner of your basement can easily lead to larger problems that might end up costing you much more than only a simple sump pump setup.

Don’t Delay When Dealing with Water Issues in Your Basement

Mold gain, cracks in your foundation walls, excessive pressure along the foundation perimeter and on the footings themselves — all of these issues are the possible outcomes of an “I will get to it tomorrow” mentality about any water problem on your basement. The structural security and general health of your own home — not to mention your health and bodily well-being — would be the main considerations when Premier Waterproofing analyzes your situation and recommends the best-customized method of resolving your basement water problem. Based in Mass., we function western Massachusetts, the larger Boston area, the South Shore, northern Connecticut and Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts.

We Find Your Solution & You Stay Real Dry !

Maybe your specific difficulty can be solved with a standalone sump pump. Maybe you’d like the additional peace-of-mind that a battery-powered backup system supplies. Or your specific problem that was one-of-a-kind can only be solved using a pressure relief system that was whole. Regardless of what the water or moisture barrier is, Premier Waterproofing has the experience and the tools to solve it.

Other common water-related issues include (click on any of the links to find out more):

1) Cracks on your base
2) The need for outside drainage
3) Leaking basement windows or doors
4) Excessive humidity and mold growth

So please — don’t have a”wait and watch” approach when you see signs of some of the issues listed above. Contact or email us immediately. We send one of Owners of Premier to speak with you. That is a first-class treatment to your issue.

WET OR DAMP CRAWL SPACE Possible Health Problems

Many homes have crawl spaces rather than — or in addition to — a full-fledged basement. If your home has a crawl space, then you are probably aware of exactly what a challenge it is to keep this place clean, dry, and healthy. The security and integrity of one portion of the home affect the rest of the regions of the structure. A crawl area in need of repair, cleaning, or waterproofing is not. Your crawl space needs improvements inventing. A lack of proper ventilation promotes.

Health Hazards of Crawl Space Moisture & Mold

Mold expansion and water that infiltrates via a dirt floor or badly laid concrete slab are a couple of the biggest areas of concern in the crawl space of a home or building. Mold is a harmful irritant with negative health consequences that are devastating –, particularly. And crawl spaces with dirt floors or deteriorating concrete can work as a neon welcome sign to all manner of insects, rodents, and wildlife — leading for your loved ones.

Solve your Crawl Space Problems

Premier Waterproofing has been repairing, restoring, and sealing crawl spaces at the homes of our customers in western Massachusetts, the greater Boston area, the South Shore, northern Connecticut & Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, and all Massachusetts for our entire existence as a firm – 2 decades of experience and counting. And we use only the best, many thoroughly-tested products when fixing your concrete or dirt floor crawl space, including:

1) Durable crawl space vapor challenges from Flexi-Seal
2) Dehumidifiers made to high standards by Thermistor
3) Many Types of crawl space vents and doors

Regrettably, it’s been our experience that homeowners frequently underestimate the value of maintaining a crawl space until it’s almost too late. Don’t be that person ! Call us at for a FREE inspection. When you choose Premier Basement Waterproofing, We are known for our superior quality and excellent quality on every project. Give us a call to learn more today.

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