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Mike was honest & reasonable with his repair recommendations. He was personable & easy to work with. He solved the problem quickly. I would definitely recommend him!  Lori H., Webster, MA
Highly recommended! If you want a person to actually call you back and provide service, Mike is your guy! After 13 years I started getting water in the basement and Mike and his team have completely solved the problem. I did all my research (loads of it) and after reaching out to three companies for quotes, Premier Basement provided the best service, price and quality. They answered all my questions immediately and did not force the sale. Mike took the time to explain the project and estimate. His team showed up on time, completed it on schedule and Mike followed up to ensure our problem was solved. Premier Basement will get the job done for you, reliably and professionally.  Bob D.,Leominster
We hired Premier Basement Waterproofing to do some work on the foundation. It couldn't have been a fun job, as our basement is very low and uninviting. The team did a great job, start to finish. They were friendly and courteous, as well as professional and hard-working. They made sure the job was done right, even though it meant coming back out for one more visit. I would highly recommend, and would absolutely call them again if the need arose.  Carissa and David J., Winthrop, MA
The end result of the work Premier Basement Waterproofing did surpassed my expectations. The hardworking, professional guys did an outstanding job in record time. Would highly recommend them.  Jane K. Leominster, MA
These are the most honest people you will ever meet. I was concerned about a few issues in the basement and Ian said I had nothing to worry about. I called in the AM and he was here at 2:30 PM. He could have robbed me blind, as some other companies wanted to do, but he was as honest as could be. I HIGHLY recommend this company.  Marshall H., Holden, MA
Highly recommended. Mike and his partner did an excellent job helping us with water mitigation in our finished basement. I wish I had worked with them prior to having finished my basement, but they helped us now with a well planned drainage system. Mike took the time to explain the project and estimate. We could reach him anytime, and he maintained great communication. After the project, Mike followed up to ensure our problem was solved. This team will get the job done for you, reliably and professionally. Frantz G., Seekonk, MA
I called Michael after having recurring issues with my sump pump. Michael returned my phone call and fixed my issue promptly. He installed a new, more powerful Ion Genesis sump pump, which has worked flawlessly since. Michael was available, professional and efficient. If you have any questions or issues regarding your sump pump, I would highly recommend Michael. Veronique C.,Cambridge, MA
We have been in Mass. only 5 months when we realized we had a serious problem with our remolded basement. There were several options, but thank the good Lord, we listened to Michael. The process they have developed is by far the best! We have a livable space without the smell or even the possibility of water. The employees, all had great attitudes. The company kept all of there commitments. That is something not every contractor can say. Simply said, we are pleased to say....Premier is the Best !!!! Dennis A., Dunstable, MA
The team at Premier basement waterproofing is truly top notch. My husband and I were so impressed by their professionalism and knowledge about waterproofing. We had a number of contractors look at helping us with our basement and we chose Premier because of their experience, understanding of the best products for basements vs. the rest of the house, and just how friendly and easy they were to work with. We highly recommend them. Stacey L.
Having a summer home turned year round that only has a crawl space and only had a couple of feet and less to work in posed a problem how to adequately insulate the perimeter. After meeting with Corey Leblanc and discussing my options I choose to have him encapsulate the entire area. To my delight my fuel bill this year was cut by over 30 percent and my furnace doesn't run constantly. I didn't think I was going to see the return on that investment so quickly. After my furnace tech viewed what was done he had to install a fresh air return to the furnace and commented on the professional workmanship and wanted Corey's number. I would recommend Corey for any one of his services and gladly speak with you if you have any questions. Thanks again Corey. Dave A. in Lake Monomonac, MA
Great work crew and team leader.....they worked great as a unit and knowing their tasks. Teamwork was simply the best I've experienced with this type of a project.! Delivered on their project and product. Their confidence and statements and answering ALL my questions gave me good confidence in their work. Douglas R. in Bow, NH
Michael's crew was professional through the whole process. They even wrapped all the items I had moved to the center of the room with plastic to cut down on the dust. Work area was cleaned up each night and the work was finished on time. I would highly recommend this company. Richard E. in Lynnfield, MA
Michael took the time to answer all questions we had in a timely manner. work was done very professionally,I would recommend them to anyone I know who needed basement work. He also told us we could call any time if the need arises, with any concerns or questions. Very pleased with the outcome. It give us peace of mind. John G. in Manchester, NH
Amazing guys. They did amazing work and were very patient with our questions and very professional. Vincent R. in Pepperell, MA
Hardworking and professional team. Had a drain and sump pump system installed. It was great working with them. Chuck D. in Bolton, MA
The entire experience is very positive from the sales call meeting with Mike who is the owner. He took his time to explain to me about the proposal and options. Since I was pressed for time, he was also able to pencil me in for an appointment after we agree on the work. Mike's crew showed up on time and perform the work as discussed. They were polite, professional and organized. The crew was respectful and encourage communications and questions. Mike and his crew use top notch qualify product to install the French drain as well as a sump pump with the latest technologies. The most impressive thing about Premier Basement is that Mike stands behind every single project he took on and guarantees the results for the life of the structure. That was a huge factor for me personally as I only want a permanent fix. Mike made me feel comfortable during the entire process and has earned my trust as a service provider. I would highly recommend for any home-owner who is seriously looking for one of the best basement waterproofing company out there. Vincent L. in Framingham, MA
We had a really tough project on the house with the large crawl space which needed cleaning/insulating/waterproofing etc. Michael went out to the site and provided me with a detailed plan. Cory and his team (3-4 guys) showed up on time and did a great job. They found some additional issues with supports for the home, and addressed as much as they could while staying within the same timelines provided for completing the project. It cost us additional money but it was very reasonable. Great customer service throughout the process. would do business with this company again! Yana L. in Gilmanton, NH
These guys know their stuff. The crew is hard working and customer focused as well. They made the best of the unpleasant situation and worked the job to completion without complaint. We were left with a feeling of confidence that we got the right guys for the right job and that all will be well in our basement from now on. Nancy W. in Nashua, NH
I am putting my home up for sale and was advised by the realtor that the garage floor had serious problems - numerous and significant foundation cracks, seriously uneven areas, stains and pet odors. I contacted Michael at Premier, and he and Corey responded the next day to visit the home and identify possibilities for repair and diagnose any foundation problems which may have resulted in the cracks as well as methods that might be used to remove the pet odors. They made it clear that their objective was to provide the best service at the lowest cost, which I truly appreciated. Having no knowledge of this area of construction, I feel like I was thoroughly informed of the alternatives. It turns out that the garage floor was improperly installed decades ago, and frost heaves resulted. They advised that the most cost effective alternative would be to jack hammer out the floor and pour concrete for a new floor. To prevent cracks from happening in the future, a frost barrier was recommended. (Ugh!  I thought. That's going to be really expensive.) I was so pleased at the quote I received in the detailed written proposal. Work was completed quickly and on schedule. The quality is excellent and well worth the investment. I received an offer on the house before it went on the market and at significantly above the asking price.

Thanks Michael and Corey!
Joyce C., Waltham, MA
My basement has been completely dry since PBW put in a waterproofing system, even after some very rainy seasons (and I'm at the bottom of a hill). I am able to have my laundry down there and all my storage. In comparison to the other quotes I received, PBW was by far the least expensive even though it is obvious they use the best materials. It was icing on the cake that the PBW employees were super friendly and professional. They were in and out of my house in one day. I highly recommend PBW for an easy, pleasant experience that will leave your basement dry. Jessica A. in Winchendon, MA
I have had issues with water in my basement for as long as I have owned my home, a constant source of stress due to the myriad of complications that can cause inside a home. Mike Albert and his Team at PBW came in with the expert knowledge and equipment to properly correct the issue, they went above and beyond to make sure all of my concerns were met and I now have a dry home and a useable safe basement! Sean R. in Lunenburg, MA
Over the course of four weeks, I had recently semi-finished a gymnastics/dance area in my basement to surprise my daughter for her birthday.  With less than a week before her birthday and the project 95% complete, a rain storm hit and I found a rather significant amount of water leaking through a basement wall crack -- all over and right in the middle of all the floor & wall mats I had already installed.  Ugh.

Once I took a breath and counted to ten, my first thought was to go buy some hydraulic cement from a big box store and patch it, but I quickly realized that would only be a band-aid solution and a decision I would later regret.  I then began my research and thought that an epoxy injection method by a professional was most appropriate.

I created a post on Thumbtack.com in search of a professional who could get the job done.  Michael from Premier Basement Waterproofing quickly responded (on Saturday) and we had a conversation.  He explained that, given my house was only built two years ago, the crack would only get bigger over the years and that an epoxy injection was still just going to be a band-aid (and could potentially even make the problem worse).  He then fully described the solution he very confidently uses for issues such as this and backs with a 100% warrantee -- for life!  Given his long-time waterproofing experience & expertise, coupled with our thorough conversation and his reasonable price and willingness to work within my time constraints (I still needed to re-finish the gym area before Friday), I green-lighted him for a Thursday job.

Michael was thorough with his proposal and establishing the timeline when I could expect Corey (Michael's business partner at PBW) to contact me on Thursday so I could leave my office and make it home on-time to meet their employee (I'm blanking on his name).  Come Thursday, I heard from Corey at three minutes before the expected call time indicating the installer would be at my house an hour later.  When I arrived at my house exactly an hour later, he was already there waiting for me.  I quickly showed him the issue, we talked through the solution again, and he got to work.  Two hours later, he requested I come down to the basement.  Upon going down there, the project was completed as Michael (and the installer) had originally described and the entire area was already swept clean.  His employee showed me exactly what he had done, what to expect for drying time, and asked if I had any questions.  Once my questions were thoroughly answered, he cleared out.

When I spoke with Michael to pay by credit card over the phone (as we had originally agreed), his first question was "are you happy with everything?" and ensured I fully understood that if anything occurs where the water issue returns at anytime in the future, he stands behind his company's work 100% and to call his mobile phone any day at any time for an immediate follow-up.

I will be re-finishing the gym area on-time for my daughter's birthday tomorrow as if the water issue never happened, with a solution that will never involve water in that area of the basement again.

Don't bother elsewhere -- Premier Basement Waterproofing is where it's at... A+

Much thanks, Michael and team.  Now, let it pour!
D.F., Rehoboth, MA
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