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Premier Basement Waterproofing is Concord's first choice when it comes to diagnosing and repairing home foundation and structural problems. When it comes to foundation repair and settled foundations, Premier Basement Waterproofing has established a long and extensive track record of providing the friendliest service and the highest quality repairs.

Because Premier Basement Waterproofing is an independent service, clients can rely on unbiased opinions and rapid repairs. Customer service is at the forefront of our business because we understand that a home is a valuable asset to every family.

Trust Premier Basement Waterproofing with foundation repair and maintenance. Our professionals will handle every project with the care and attention it deserves.

Repair a Concrete Foundation
"Michael came out with less than a day's notice and spent well over an hour with me evaluating the property's foundation and basement. He didn't mince words and he was direct, thorough and professional."

- Homeowner in Maynard, MA

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The most important part of any home is the foundation. The entire home depends on the foundation to remain strong and support the rest of the house. Unfortunately, part of owning a home is maintaining the structure to ensure it remains safe for people to occupy.

When problems arise, it is necessary to handle them quickly to prevent the problem from growing. This is even more important when it comes to the foundation. Any issues with it need to be handled efficiently to ensure that they do not spread to other areas of the home. There are certain signs that homeowners should look for that might indicate a foundation structural problem.

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Signs that indicate you may have a problem with your home's foundation and structure:

When the foundation starts to suffer problems, the structure immediately in contact with the foundation will start to show signs of wear and tear. People may start to notice uneven floors when they walk across the surface. Pictures and lighting fixtures may start to appear slightly askew due to bowing walls.

While many people may believe these are problems intrinsic to the floors or walls, they may also indicate that the foundation is having some issues. It is important to contact the professionals to investigate the cause of the issue for proper diagnosis and repair.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair Concord NH
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When it is time to repair the foundation, there are numerous services available that can make the foundation as good as new. As the years roll by, it's not unusual to find foundation wall cracks that demand attention. Foundation crack repair is a common reason that homeowners contact a professional technician.

Slabs and Lally Columns - Repair and Replacement Services

Foundation Crack Repair Concord NH
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Other common repairs include column replacement and basement column/pole replacement. These columns play an essential role in supporting the structure of the home. If these start to fail, the house can collapse. Finally, sometimes an entire slab of the foundation needs replacement. Even slab repair and slab replacement can be handled smoothly by our trained professionals.

Reviews & Testimonials from Customers in the Concord Area

I am putting my home up for sale and was advised by the realtor that the garage floor had serious problems - numerous and significant foundation cracks, seriously uneven areas, stains and pet odors. I contacted Michael at Premier, and he and Corey responded the next day to visit the home and identify possibilities for repair and diagnose any foundation problems which may have resulted in the cracks as well as methods that might be used to remove the pet odors.

I was so pleased at the quote I received in the detailed written proposal. Work was completed quickly and on schedule. The quality is excellent and well worth the investment. I received an offer on the house before it went on the market and at significantly above the asking price. Thanks Michael and Corey! Joyce C., Waltham, MA

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